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    Em mạo muội làm topic này muốn chia sẻ và trao đổi các pác thích nhạc trong FTV "nhạc vừa hay ngắm các em người mẫu chân dài thích ghê :D ". He he em có được mấy album up cho các pác thưởng thức, Pác nào có nhiều thì share cho ae thưởng thức.Thank

    01. Fashion TV Beach Life Essentials

    Artist: V/A
    Title Of Album: Fashion TV Beach Life Essentials
    Year Of Release: 2005
    Genre: Lounge, ChillOut, Ambient, House, Deep House
    Quality: mp3
    Bitrate: VBR , 275Kbps
    Total Size: 110 Mb


    01. Wax Hero meets Prisl - Miss U
    02. Ronan ft. C. Shaw - Sunset
    03. Dual Session - Cheek to cheek (Ronan Remix)
    04. Solimano - Skin of my skin
    05. Index ft. Dew - Neverending (Real XTC Mix)
    06. Raff & Mary F - Living it all
    07. Liongold - Garden of the world (True Love Remix)
    08. Kauf ft. Pirraglia - Destination - Love
    09. Rhod - In this world
    10. Quadra - Clap your hands (Hand In Hand Mix)
    11. Gain Over - We got it
    12. (+) Comfort - Nothing since then (The JC Remix)
    13. Golden Dreams - Pretty stranger (Vocal Mix)
    14. Delta F 508 - Around
    15. No.oN - You + Me

    02. Fashion TV Beach The Glam Sessions
    Artist: V/A
    Title Of Album: Fashion TV Beach The Glam Sessions
    Year Of Release: 2005
    Genre: Lounge, House, Deep House
    Quality: mp3
    Bitrate: 320 Kbps
    Total Size: 98 mb


    01. Von Mondo - Seductive Soul (Album Mix)
    02. Glambeats Corp. - Fantasy (Magik Edit)
    03. Sixth Finger - Behind the Door
    04. South Dolphin - Luv U
    05. Glambeats Corp. - Take My Soul (Original Mix)
    06. Index - Automatic Jazz
    07. Elio Riso And Raffunk Feat Mary F - To Be or Not to Be (Vocal Remix Edit)
    08. Shortcut - Glassballoon (Roby's Remix)
    09. Ronan - Get on It (Short Edit)
    10. Whip Culture - I Belive (In Someone) (Sixth Finger Remix)
    11. The LA Style Project - Do It Right
    12. No.oN - The Color of Time (Chill Edit)

    03.Fashion TV: FTV Winter Chill
    Artist: VA
    Title Of Album: Fashion TV: FTV Winter Chill
    Year Of Release: 2004
    Label: PMB Music
    Genre: Electronic, House, Deep House, Lounge
    Quality: mp3
    Bitrate: 192 kbps
    Total Time: 46:44 min
    Total Size: 64 mb


    01. Intro (Silver Winds Remix) - Little Miss Gunner
    02. Like a Star
    03. Nitefly (Funky Break Edit)
    04. Slowdown (Vocal Mix) - Comfort
    05. I've Been Finding You - Wax Hero
    06. Come Baby
    07. Butterflies in Your Ears (Diamond Screen Mix)
    08. Light Years - Sound Behaviour
    09. Even Better (Destination Remix) - Quadra
    10. Step Aside - Index
    11. Pictures From Pleasure (Uptempo Mix)
    12. Until the End (Deep Motion Remix)

    04.Fashion TV Uomo
    Artist: V/A
    Title Of Album: Fashion TV Uomo
    Year Of Release: 2005
    Genre: Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo
    Quality: mp3
    Bitrate: 320 Kbps
    Total Size:129 Mb


    01. Dual Sessions feat. Dew - Don't You Baby [Jammed Version]
    02. Golden Dreams - Deep Over
    03. No.oN - Over and Over
    04. Rever Sound - Dance for Me
    05. Astrovoid - Ocean Jewel
    06. Karen Souza - Wild Horses
    07. G-Spliff - Not Afraid
    08. Sao Vicente - Ishtar
    09. Lalann - Jazz Boutique
    10. Sound Behavior - Metzo
    11. Tripssono - G3
    12. Dual Sessions - Fly Me to the Moon
    13. (+) Comfort - Deep Breath
    14. Slowdown Virginia - Eternal Game

    05.Fashion TV Chill Session
    Artist: V/A
    Title Of Album: Fashion TV Chill Session
    Year Of Release: 2005
    Genre: Lounge, ChillOut, Ambient
    Quality: mp3
    Bitrate: 320 Kbps
    Total Size: 165 Mb


    01. Purple Avenue - Nothing compares 2 u
    02. Silver Pixel Feat. Querubyna - Billy jean
    03. Purple Avenue - Justify my love
    04. Raff Feat. Gushi - Pride (in the name of love)
    05. Alex Palmer - Woman
    06. Johnny Santiag - No woman no cry
    07. Pimpi Arroyo - I can't get no satisfaction
    08. Rhod Feat. Mika - Trouble
    09. Arnold T. - Bang bang (my baby shot me down)
    10. Alex Palmer - Close to you
    11. Stphane Le Bellec - Come away with me
    12. Mastercuts Feat. Mary F - You oughta know
    13. Topazz - Behind the wheel
    14. Spiral 3 - Come together
    15. Dj Kodi - Purple rain
    16. Javier De Galloy - Walk on the wild side
    06.Fashion Tv La Maison De La House

    Artist: VA
    Title Of Album: Fashion Tv La Maison De La House
    Year Of Release: September 24, 2007
    Label: Music Brokers
    Genre: Electronic, House, Dance
    Quality: mp3
    Bitrate: 256 kbps
    Total Size: 170.9 mb



    01. Space Gang - Intro The House
    02. Nick Prosen & Dew - Taking Me Home (12'' Edit)
    03. Lalann - Shine (Dub Mix)
    04. Von Mondo - I've Got The Music
    05. Leo Portela & Prisl - All About Love (Vocal Dub)
    06. Sixth Finger - Please, Please Her (Micro House Mix)
    07. Gusz - So High (Crazy Duck)
    08. Shortcut - Nouvelle
    09. Rockin' Beats - Monkey Brain (Stage Out)
    10. Limelight Sound - Nearly There
    11. Purple Kiss - Beatmaniac (Maniac Remix)
    12. Francoise Sanders - So Sensitive


    01. Gusz feat E-Jay Ali - From the Sky (Album Version)
    02. U Sound - Far From That
    03. Natascha - Feel (Sixth Finger Remix)
    04. Eternal Trip - I Believe So
    05. Quadra feat. Dew - You Can Take It
    06. Lalann & Tecnoman - Into The Space (Radio Edit)
    07. Sixth Finger - Let It Trip (Avant Garde House Mix)
    08. Ronan feat Dew - Circle Vision (Unreal Vocal Mix)
    09. Glambeats Corp. - Shooting Star (Sixth Finger Remix)
    10. Groove Messengers - Girl
    11. Lalann - The Joke (Ball Of Confusion Mix)
    12. Nick Prosen & Dew - Everybody

    The albums of FTV are already classics in the world of electronic music. Thanks to their beautifully aesthetic work (in sound as much as graphically), the FTV discs represent, season after season, an utterly complete summary of the most outstanding sounds and trends of today's world. Following the widespread success of the three-disc FTV New Season, FTV: La Maison de La House has arrived; a two-disc album that unites the 24 most important tracks of House music today in all its forms (deep, chill, minimal, song, old skool, tribal, psychedelic, progressive) by all of the best House artists (Lalann, Glambeats Corp, Von Mondo, Sixth Finger, Gusz, Rockin' Beats, Ronan) with exclusive remixes and tracks.

    7.8 Fashion TV Winter Session 08-09 (4 CD)

    Artist: V/a
    Title Of Album: Fashion TV Winter Session 08-09 (4 CD)
    Year Of Release: 2008
    Genre: House, Disco House, Dance
    Quality: mp3
    Bitrate: 320 Kbps
    Total Size: 694 Mb


    CD1 Beach session mixed by David Vendetta
    without tagging (14 tracks)

    CD2 Bar session mixed by Didier Sinclar
    without tagging (14 tracks)

    CD3 Club session mixed by Ravin
    without tagging (14 tracks)

    CD4 Beach session mixed by David Vendetta
    without tagging (18 tracks)

    09.FTV Beach House
    Artist: VA
    Title Of Album: Fashion TV: FTV Beach House
    Year Of Release: 2003
    Label: Music Brokers Arg
    Genre: Electronic, House
    Quality: mp3
    Bitrate: 128 kbps
    Total Size: 51.1 mb


    01. "Blue Coast Lalann (Ecko Remix)"
    02. " Room 18 Index feat. Brian K."
    03. "For a Lifetime Wax Hero (Old School Mix)"
    04. "Presence Ronan (Deep Remix)"
    05. "One Word (Kauf feat. Jou)"
    06. "Retail Therapy View Finder (Agatha's Special Mix)"
    07. "Breeze Lalann feat. Coco Dew (Remix)"
    08. "Desire Orleya Kas (Over the Sky Remix)"
    09. "Runaway E Meets E & L (Index Remix)"
    10. "Garden of the World Liongold"
    11. "Better place Lov.e (Dual Sessions Mix)"
    12. " It Hurts Dubrider"

    He he up quả mới cho các pác thưởng thức pác biết nhãn hiệu Victoria Secret hãng đồ lót nổi tiếng của US có show 2009 xem hay phết hehehe : D
    General Info

    Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009


    Technical Specs

    Video Codec.......: MPEG-2
    Video Bitrate.....: 17.07 Mbps (16.48 Mbps Average)
    Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    Audio Codec.......: AC3
    Audio BitRate.....: 384 kbps
    Audio Channels....: 5.1
    Ripped by.........: Grover
    Source............: CBS HD via FiOS TV


    Link mHD 720p đây : secret

    Nhìn phê we :))

    Thank 4 watching
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