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    Neon Knight


    How to Unlock all Levels in Neon Knight

    1. Open iFile
    2. Go to var/mobile/Applications/[Your Neon Knight Game Folder]/Documents
    3. Open with Text Editor the „usersGameInfo.plist“ File
    4. Search for: openLevel
    5. Change your Value to 30
    6. Save the file

    Now you have all Levels unlocked !
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    Legendary Wars

    Open up iFile, find the app folder. Go to documents, you'll find a plist file there. Open it and scroll down till you find moonstones and gold. Edit those numbers to whatever you want.
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    Stick Brawler

    Stick Brawler. (health fireball all upgrades.)

    You will need SSH Program & PlistEditor OR iFile.

    Ok lets first move our way to the NAME OF GAME folder...
    change these values:
    Do not edit Power values if you do you will be stuck in upgrade loop.Let me tell you it sucks.
    Code đó
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    Jelly Car 3


    This is for the newest version of Jelly car 3

    1.begin by downloading the rar file below
    2.in ifile, navigate to where you downloaded the file and extract it.
    3.you should get a folder named cars, and a file name JellyCar3
    4.copy the JellyCar3 file and navigate(in ifile still) to var/mobile/applications/jellycar3/jellycar3.app, than paste and overwrite
    5.due to the speed hack causing the cars to die as soon as you spawn i had to edit the cars features, so in the folder "cars", there are 6 differnt cars choose the ones you want to use
    6.copy them and and navigate to var/mobile/applications/jellycar3/jellycar3.app/content/cars/and paste and overwrite the files.

    Alright respring and congrats your wheels will spin fast...and stuff, idk youll go fast

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    Galaxy on Fire 2

    Finish the first two missions so that you have gold ($2,500).

    Save the game and open Winscp or another SSH program.
    Go to "/private/var/mobile/Applications/XXXX-GAMEDIGITS-XXXX/Library/GOF"

    Copy gof2_save_game_x to your computer.
    (where x stands for the number of the savegame, first savegame = gof2_save_game_0)

    Open the savegame with an hex editor (HeX Workshop or such),
    and search for a "32 Bit Signed Long" with as value your amount of gold,
    in my/our case that is "2500" (step one).

    When you found it change the value to any number you want.

    Search should look like this
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  7. poisonpure

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    Nba jam

    All the players/teams are located in two .csv files, which are plain text databases. Forget paying for unlocks, you can just set them to unlocked.

    {App Folder}/res/NBAJAM_Players_CONSOLE.csv
    {App Folder}/res/NBAJAM_Teams_CONSOLE.csv

    I tested this by editing the files and changing the "Unlocked" field from 0 to 1. I unlocked Rodman in the players db, and The Democrats in the teams db.

    I did it on my device, but it would be easier to do on a larger screen. Backup the files first.

    You can move players around, change uniform colours, edit stats, etc. as well.
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    Froggy Jump

    Froggy Jump. (Infintie crystals,editing and unlock all themes.)

    You will need SSH Program & PlistEditor OR iFile.

    Ok lets first move our way to the FroggyJump folder... (Mobile/Applications/Random digits/FroggyJump

    Ok lets find Accessories.xml and open it up. And thr first thing we should see is items, each off theese should have their own section lets just look at the santa hat. Now were it says price here we can changr the price. Now if we want it to give us money (crystals) when we buy it xD we need to put a - sign heres an exsample.
    Ok now if we go in game and buy that... It will say 9999 crystals but when we buy all the other stuff it wont go down because we have 9999999 crystalls.
    We can also edit the description of items.
    Now we want to unlock the themes were gonna do basicly the same thing as money but just changing it to 0 where it says unlockheight.

    Thats it. I might be coming out with part two.

    I find out a new way to do this.
    2. Download froggy jump 1.0 .ipa : http://www.filedude....eQpZLad49fe363e
    3. Download Installous
    4. SSH the ipa into /var/mobile/Documents/Installous/Downloads
    5. Install the ipa through Installous
    6. Change the things in the xml file.
    7. Run froggy jump and uy some stuff you just edited.
    8. Go to App store and download the newest version of Froggy Jump
    9. Enjoy!, You'll keep all your gems and stuff :)
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    League of Evil

    First, beat the tutorial which is easy.
    Go to preferences and open up the plist, find where it says level_1.tmx and at the end of the first </dict> paste this code.
    <key>level_(whatever level you want).tmx</key>
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    Dungeon Defense

    Lấy save vào......................................
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    with this hack, you will be able to "buy" any cheat in gamebox 1 elite (I have only tested it on this, so i might work on other gameboxes as well).

    All u nead is an iFile, or something you can edit your iphones filesystem with.

    1. Go to /var/mobile/applications/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/GameBox 1E.app

    2. There is a file called: CheatKitConfig.plist -> open it.

    3. In the file u should search for the cheat name u wanna get (like: "unlock all arcade levels" without "")

    4. Under it there should be its price its looking something like this : <key>price<key>

    5.Edit the number to something like -10000 So if u buy it, it wont subtract it, but add it to your points

    Hope it works for u, for me it did [​IMG]

    If u have any questions, please ask!

    Have fun!
    sonhtc thích nội dung này.
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    Doodle Jump score/stats

    This works with every version of DoodleJump.
    Hack your score/stats.

    Hack a score ALREADY GOTTEN (it can be anything from 1 to 1 trillion) to whatever value you like.

    You need to be able to edit a .plist. You can use iFile, or whatever .plist editor you have on your computer.
    You need SSH enabled (unless you're using iFile)

    You need Doodle Jump. This can even be the iTunes version, however, as the hack will work without the binary being decrypted. Navigate to the app in your /var/mobile/Applications/LETTERS&NUMBERS/ directory (LETTERS&NUMBERS is not a valid folder! :p), go to Library/Preferences, and select com.yourcompany.DoodleJump.plist.

    Under that, there is YOURHIGHSCORE.
    WRITE DOWN the original score somewhere, and then edit it to the desired score.
    THEN WRITE DOWN the score you changed it to. This is very important.
    Downwards a bit, you'll see

    Somewhere in that list is the original score. Edit it to the score you desired.
    Now, scroll up until you see:

    Find LastScore, edit it to the score you wanted.
    Respring, and you're done!


    Hack random stats.

    This is quite similar to the above, except EXTREMELY EASIER. You'll need a .plist editor, and SSH enabled, just like before. Open the com.yourcompany.DoodleJump.plist again, and near the top you'll see:

    From there, you can edit various stats.
    Edit the number in between the integer lines of code to your desired value.
    AbductedByUfo (times)
    AverageDivider - DO NOT MESS WITH THIS....!
    JetPackFlights - obvious
    JumpsAverageDivider - AGAIN, DO NOT MESS WITH THIS EITHER....
    KilledByMonster (times)
    LastJumps (# of jumps)
    LastPlayTime (your last play time in seconds)
    LastScore - you modded this in the Score Hack
    LongestPlayTime (your longest time playing in seconds)
    MaxJumps - number of jumps you've done in one session
    MissedLanding - time you've lost because you missed a platform.
    MonstersJumpedOn - kinda obvious too :/
    MonstersShot - again, obvious
    PropellerHatFlights - another obvious one
    RocketFlights - more obvious
    SuckedInByBlackHole - times lost by falling in a black hole
    TotalGamesPlayed - # of times you've started up a game of DoodleJump
    TotalJumps - total # of jumps you've done
    TotalScore - how many points you've accumulated
    UfosJumpedOn - obvious
    UfosShot - obvious
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    Real racing 2

    Money Hack

    First download winscp and hex workshop

    Ssh into you device with winscp
    Go to var/mobile/applications/
    find the real racing app
    then go to realracing.app
    then go to res

    Look for events.dat then copy it to a folder on your computer.
    open it with hex workshop

    look for the binoculars icon and click it
    for the type change it to 32 bit signed long and type in 6000 for the value press enter
    on the right you should see unit32 and beside it 6000
    change that to whatever value you want to win for getting first place on the event beecherton shootout

    Ex. change it too 99000 to get $99,000 for getting first place in that event
    save it,and say yes to making a back up for the file.
    copy it back to the folder in res, click yes when you copy it to overwrite it

    right click and choose properties
    type 0777 beside octal and click ok

    Finally play the game and beat the event to earn the money.
    The 6000 value that you are changing is the 1st one that you encounter.
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    1.download and unzip
    2.navigate to mobile-applications-touchgrind-touchggrind.app
    3.replace "boards folder with downloaded one
    any trouble just reply pretty straightforward.

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    HOW TO?

    First. Play the Game till you earn at least 1 MP(Mega Point)
    Now SSH into var/mobile/Applications/XXXXXXXXXXXXXX/com.getsetgames.megajump.plist
    Open It.
    search for
    ............( how much ever points you have)

    Just Edit However You Want.
    Mine was


    You can also Hack your High Score but it wont be submitted though since it just hacking, not how much after you played

    ( you best score )
  16. poisonpure

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    Epic War 3 - War of Heroes

    This is a money, exp, and card hacks for epic war 3.
    You will need SSH Program & PlistEditor OR iFile.

    So first off you need to navigate to - Mobile/Applications/XXXX-XXXX-XXXX/Libary/Prefrences/
    Open up com.artlogicgames.epicwar3.plist
    Pink: Character exp.
    Yellow: Gold


    Orange: Unlock Skill Cards - Either has 1 or 0, if its a 1 then it means its unlocked, so change all 0's to 1 to unlock all skill cards.


    Red: Skill Card lvl - change the lvl of the skill card (max 5)


    Blue: Unlock Unit Cards - Either has 1 or 0, if its a 1 then it means its unlocked, so change all 0's to 1 to unlock all unit cards.


    Red: Unit Card lvl - change the lvl of the unit card (max 5)
  17. poisonpure

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    Samurai I and II


    Hi.I researched these two games and I found out that all Game Center achievements can be unlocked with a simple hack.

    1.Open up "com.madfingergames.Samurai2.plist" file with a plist editor (I used PropertyList Editor)
    2.The change Achievement0 0.0 to Achievement0 100
    3.Save the file.
    4.Open up the game (no respring required) and check the Achievements section
    5.All achievements should be unlocked.
    noobdoon thích nội dung này.
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    Tales Weaver V1.0.0


    Download Hex Workshop or W/E Program that can hex edit
    For example
    If you are level 3, you would need 342 exp to level up,
    If you use computer calulator it will show you 156,
    but you have to put it in hex form, which is 56 01.
    now search,
    Resized to 88% (was 1023 x 575) - Click image to enlarge[​IMG]

    The red underline is your current exp
    The black underline is the require exp to level up
    you just have to change the 3 red hex to FF FF FF and you will get to lvl 100+

    search your money and change it to FF FF FF and you are done:D
    bekim thích nội dung này.
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    Field Runner

    This should work on iphone/ipad/ipod touch...

    Requirement: Ifile and installed FieldRunner

    I'm assuming you already know how to use ifile, editing, and that your ipod/ipad/iphone is jailbreak ...

    1. Run Ifile in your ipad/iphone/ipod.
    2. Navigate to your installed App (mobile/apps/xxxxxxxxx/FieldRunner)
    3. Inside your Apps folder; you should have another folder called "FieldRunners.app" or something. Go there!
    4. In that folder; you will see tons of files; look for files like:
    5. Open it as text

    In there you will see something like this: (Gatling)
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    Modern Combat 2



    You'll get lvl 72 in local wifi/bluetooth


    Get a hex editor
    (download it here: http://download.cnet.com/HxD-Hex-Editor ... tag=button)

    Open the SaveGame.bin in the Documents folder for mc2.
    (use winscp or whatever to go to /var/mobile/application/***************(mc2 folder)/documents/ and copy SaveGame.bin to somewhere on ur computer)

    And write "ba 4f 09" in 000001a3-000001a5 (it changes ur exp to 610234)
    (open SaveGame.bin in the hex editor, and go to 000001a3-000001a5. write ba 4f 09 in the three boxes)

    You can have my save which have lvl 72 local, but u should also know that, it'll change ur campaign save to my(finished all on medium)
    download my save from here: http://www.mediafire...uab3ctw6a7al3i4 (u should change the nickname, cuz my is not nice for some ppl)


    feature: wherever u shot it'll be on fire (dont do damage)

    move fire.bdae from Sandstorm2.app/data/3d/effects/fire to Sandstorm2.app/data/3d/effects/bullet_impact and rename it bullet_impact.bdae
    back up ur original bullet_impact.bdae file

    Im not going to mod saves for ppl cuz it take me about a minute. for some ppl who dont get this, u have to play local match first! if u dont have two ipods or someone play. u either learn how to mod this, or download my save

    u can edit the files in the weapons folder, u can tell me which gun u want and i can tell u which file to move.

    i only like the m16 (mn106 in mcbp) silenced with rd.
    u can get it by doing this:
    1. go to mcbp folder/sandstorm2.app/data/3d/weapons/m16
    2. make a backup of the folder somewhere
    3. delete m16.bdae
    4. copy and paste m16_silenced_reflex.bdae and name the 2nd copy m16.bdae
    5. ur normal m16 in offline/online should be silenced(although the sound didn't change) and have a red dot scope

    You can do the same for all weapons